This is a post compo version. The orginal game is here :

Use your buble gun to shoot zombies, if you miss, the bubles will fill up the room and eventually, you will run out of space.


  • WASD -  Movement
  • Left click - Shooting
  • Right click - Throwing grenade
  • "R" Key - Restart

This game is made by Yusuf Taha in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 42

This is a Compo project.$11102511025


Download 9 MB
Download 9 MB
Download 9 MB


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I keep coming back to this game every now and then since LD42.. It's kind of addictive.. Simple yet so fun to play :) 

I am happy to hear that you liked it. Im thinking about making a real game with it. Like 4 player local multiplayer 😁

Fun game!

btw do you have twitter or any other social media where I can follow you?

@ytkimirti at twitter. Thanks!