It's best played with friends!

Source code:



Punch crates that fall from the sky. Pick the coins and drop them to your coin area (the place in dotted lines). When the timer runs out, team with the most coins wins!


You can play this game with 4 players by using joysticks.

I suggest not playing with more than 2 player per team. It becomes pure chaos.

Aand lastly this is my first time making music for games. It sounds a bit cheesy and doesn't really fit well but hope you like it :)


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I love the music and the sound design! (sounds a bit like overcooked) are you interseted in maybe making music for my game? I don´t have any need for music right now but maybe in the future?

Thanks a lot! Making music? Hehe I am just a starter in music, I just play guitar and know a bit about music theory. Even this 3 chord, super simple tracks was a nightmare to record for me. But I am sure there are a lot of artist looking to work with game developers :))