This is actually a game I made while back for mobile, not a big success I should say :P

But here you go, a playable html5 version thanks to Unity


Control the car by using the joystick at the bottom with your mouse, if you release it there will be a slow-mo power-ups menu. Collect them in the map (those turning colored token thingies) and use them.


Rocket: It's a, rocket

Shockwave (the green one): Use it when they don't respect your social distancing.

Boost: Well, to be honest, don't use this one, or use it at your own risk.

Here is my twitter: @ytkimirti

Music is from Antti Luode
SFX is from

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, basic, mobile, Unity, Voxel


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Sort of like Smashy Road, you have to avoid the cops with various powerups.

Pretty fun with great music.

Neat game 

Loved it

I could see this being a fun game to casually trash around in your phone. The driving is very entertaining, bot due to the physics and especially since the cops are always on your tail. The music is nice and I think suits the game.

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