With its fast phased gameplay quickly start and try to avoid all police and use your special powers to outrun them. 

Release your finger and use your abilities.

Rocket 🚀: Use your rocket to create an explosion and knock out surrounding polices.

Shockwave 💣: Create a powerful wave around your car and push all other vehicles back to save you some time.

Boost 🔥: Use boost to move super fast for 8 seconds and burn the roads.


-Easy and fun gameplay
-Super performance at even old devices
-Advanced graphics and tons of particle effects
-Realistic drifting mechanics
-Amazing soundtracks and SFX


This game is still under development. If you want to follow us, you can do so at Twitter @ytkimirti

Music is from Antti Luode
SFX is from zapsplat.com

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, basic, mobile, Unity, Voxel


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Neat game 

Loved it

I could see this being a fun game to casually trash around in your phone. The driving is very entertaining, bot due to the physics and especially since the cops are always on your tail. The music is nice and I think suits the game.

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